Manage Private CA file in Python

The private CA signed certificate can cause SSL error in Python if the it is not trusted. How to manage it? Well, it really depends on the Python module that you use. I will give a few examples that I have seen so far. pip Pip is the popular python package manage tool. To check … Continue reading Manage Private CA file in Python

git sparse-checkout command for monorepo

We are implementing monorepo internally to let all teams work closely. As there are dependencies between each team's work, it is important to understand and track the cross-project changes that go into the monorepo. Monorepo is a good practice that brings in better collaboration, but it also introduces some inconveniences. The biggest complaints I heard … Continue reading git sparse-checkout command for monorepo

How Confluence Data Center Manage the Index File?

When building Confluence Data Center on AWS, I was wondering how Confluence Data Centre manages the index file. As we run Confluence cluster in auto-scaling group, the Confluence nodes come and go (not that frequent though, as Confluence is not good at dynamic scaling. It is more schedule based scaling). The newly launched instance gets … Continue reading How Confluence Data Center Manage the Index File?