Run Hubot on OpenShift

In this article, I will demonstrate how to build a Hubot bot on OpenShift. Four key take-away points. Create secret for git clone Use docker strategy to build if you prefer Dockerfile over S2I Inject environment variables from ConfigMap If needed, you can replace the FROM or CMD that defined in Dockerfile during deployment. In … Continue reading Run Hubot on OpenShift


Autoscaler on OpenShift Dedicated

At the time of writing, OpenShift dedicated (v3.5.5.31) only supports autoscaling based on the CPU metrics. So the first step is to ensure the CPU request is in place. It can be setup in the section of container spec. e.g spec: containers: image: 'poc/web' name: my-web ports: - containerPort: 3000 resources: requests: cpu: 200m limits: … Continue reading Autoscaler on OpenShift Dedicated

Build smart into your docker images

We have been running mysql 5.7 on OpenShift with RedHat provisioned images.  To make it work is easy, but to make it work correctly is a bit harder. One example is that how to setup the innodb_buffer_pool_size (one of the most important parameters of mysql)? When you build the image you don't know how much memory the … Continue reading Build smart into your docker images

Resources QoS in Kubernetes

I extracted a few points to grasp the rough idea of how Kubernetes manages resources QoS: Pods that need to stay up reliably can request guaranteed resources, while pods with less stringent requirements can use resources with weaker or no guarantee. If a pod is successfully scheduled, the container is guaranteed the amount of resources … Continue reading Resources QoS in Kubernetes

What GCP offers but AWS does not?

A quick summary of what I have found out in Google Cloud Summit Sydney yesterday. GCP GCE offers pay-per-minute (minimum 10 minutes charge), AWS EC2 charges pay-per-hour GCP GCE offers customisable instance spec (up to 64 cores, 416G RAM), AWS EC2 only supports fixed instance spec. GCP GCE support live migration, AWS does not support … Continue reading What GCP offers but AWS does not?