OpsGenie Schedule Generator


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My new tool – Opsgenie schedule generator. It is a tool that can create Excel spreadsheet based on the Opsgenie schedule. And it also has a Lambda version, which allows you to deploy it with AWS API gateway, so you can have your RESTful API for your roster schedule.

Note: In my practise, there are two support staffs for each week – Primary and Secondary. Secondary is the primary of the previous week.

This is how my API response looks like:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.27.04 PM.png

Can AWS default VPC be deleted?



Can AWS default VPC be deleted? I checked AWS documentations and it seems the following two are against each other. So I opened a ticket with AWS, and here is their answer:

Technically yes, you can delete default VPC's and create a non-default VPC. 
Some services such as CloudFormer to create CloudFormation templates do 
searches for default VPC during creation if non-default VPC parameter is 
not defined. Deleting the Default VPC will not cause any underlying issue 
or restrict usage of any AWS service.


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 9.16.42 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 9.17.43 AM.png

Elastic Beanstalk – No Solution Stack named … found



Just found out that even with the same version number, the stack solution release date could be different in different region. Therefore, the stack name for the same version could be different across regions.

For example, solution stack java 7 tomcat 7 v1.1.0. In ap-southeast-2 region, the stack name is 64bit Amazon Linux 2014.09 v1.1.0 running Tomcat 7 Java 7, but in us-west-2 region, the name is 64bit Amazon Linux 2014.03 v1.1.0 running Tomcat 7 Java 7.

The best way to find it out is to run aws –region <your-region-name> elasticbeanstalk list-available-solution-stacks –query “SolutionStacks”