PowerCLI: Check ESXi Scratch Location and Syslog Server Settings

As part of the ESXi health check, we need to ensure the scratch location and syslog server has been configured correctly. Here is my script to check the settings:

$VMHost = Get-Content C:\powercli\Servers.txt

Foreach ($_ in $VMHost) {
$Scratch = Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -VMHost $_ -Name ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation
$SyslogServer = Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -VMHost $_ -Name syslog.global.loghost
$SyslogDir = Get-VMHostAdvancedConfiguration -VMHost $_ -Name syslog.global.logDir

Write-Host $_ “|Scratch_Location:” $Scratch.Values ” |Syslog_Server:” $SyslogServer.Values ” |Syslog_Dir:” $SyslogDir.Values

The results look this:

vmhost-01.rcau.org.au |Scratch_Location: /vmfs/volumes/4f7a9ded-b8f5c9e2-fb7a-5cf3fcad2cab/.locker-vmhost-01  |Syslog_Server: udp://Syslog-01:514  |Syslog_Dir:
vmhost-02.rcau.org.au |Scratch_Location: /vmfs/volumes/4f7a9ded-b8f5c9e2-fb7a-5cf3fcad2cab/.locker-vmhost-02  |Syslog_Server: udp://Syslog-01:514  |Syslog_Dir:
vmhost-03.rcau.org.au |Scratch_Location: /vmfs/volumes/4f7a9ded-b8f5c9e2-fb7a-5cf3fcad2cab/.locker-vmhost-03  |Syslog_Server: udp://Syslog-01:514  |Syslog_Dir:


How to change the scratch location?


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