Missing Parts of OpenShift Dedicated

I have been working on OpenShift Dedicated (on AWS) for a few weeks. At the time of writing (v3.5.5.31), here are a couple missing parts that I have found out so far. They are all confirmed by the RedHat support.

  • Share persistent volume across multiple containers: Currently there is no way to share the persistent volume (EBS backup) across different containers. So if your pods need shared storage, then unfortunately it is not scalable.
  • White listing ingress IP addresses: You can not lock down your ELB to specific IP addresses. Unless you do it by yourself. e.g  Router/ELB > Nginx service > Web service
  • Backup and restore persistent volume: RedHat openshift operation team does nightly EBS snapshot, but the backup and restore are not guaranteed. Also there is no documented process how you can request them to restore it. So if you have important data, you cannot really reply on them.
  • Self-service of persistent volume resize: You have to open a ticket to request the RedHat to resize the persistent volume for you.  The current OpenShift dedicated console does not monitor PV size usage either, you have to work it out by yourself. If you use Nagios, here is a plugin that I wrote you can use.
  • Monitor alerting: the OpenShift console comes with simple real time monitoring for CPU, RAM and network. It does not have the alerting feature.
  • Project name validation: You can create a new project and name it as openshift blah blah. But soon or later you will run into issues, as openshift* is a reserved keyword for some internal projects. The project name validation will be introduced in v3.6.

In summary, for those trade offs I don’t recommend to use OpenShift Dedicated.



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