Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part Two

Continue with Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part One, in this article I will explain a bit deeper how the Bot works which is most interesting part I think.

First of all, you need to have a Bot that is hooked to your Slack. I wrote my own Bot based on Hubot (Nodejs Express Framework). When I ask ‘confluence status’, the Bot checks the confluence real time status via JMX. And when I ask ‘confluence response-time’ or ‘confluence stuck-thread’, the Bot runs my pre-defined query against Splunk via API then sends the result back to Slack.  

To run JMX query, I just let Bot to call a simple bash script. Here is the sample code.

# confluence_status.sh
java -jar jmxterm-1.0.0-uber.jar -l $JMX_CONFLUENCE -u $JMX_USER -p $JMX_PASSWORD -i confluence_busy_threads  -o confluence_tmp > /dev/null 2 &&  sed -e /^$/d confluence_tmp
# confluence_busy_threads file
get -b Standalone:name="http-nio-8443",type=ThreadPool currentThreadsBusy currentThreadCount maxThreads connectionCount
get -b Confluence:name=SystemInformation DatabaseExampleLatency
get -b Confluence:name=RequestMetrics NumberOfRequestsInLastTenSeconds AverageExecutionTimeForLastTenRequests
get -b java.lang:type=OperatingSystem ProcessCpuLoad SystemCpuLoad SystemLoadAverage FreePhysicalMemorySize
get -b java.lang:type=Memory HeapMemoryUsage

In the sample codes you can see that the Bot also runs the JMX query when it hears the message ‘Confluence long response time is detected”. As I configured Splunk to send such message to Slack channel if a the response time is higher than a threshold. Isn’t it so easy 🙂

OK, next I will show you how to trigger a Spluk query via API. Here is the sample code.

You can add more useful commands to Bot. Be creative!

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