Use helm in Kubernetes

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes, you can think it as yum/apt/homebrew. It contains two parts: Server (tiller) and Client (helm). helm client can be installed on Linux/Mac/Windows, the package can be found here. Helm manages the Kubernetes charts which are pre-configured Kubernetes resources. In the following example, I will show you how to … Continue reading Use helm in Kubernetes


Use AWS EFS for Kubernetes

Before introducing how to use AWS EFS for Kubernetes, let me recap some terms of Persistent Volumes. PV (Persistent Volume): PV is a piece of storage, it can be NFS, iSCSI, EBS, EFS... The purpose of having PV is to decouple the storage from pod's lifecycle. PVC (Persistent Volume Claim): PVC provides the method for … Continue reading Use AWS EFS for Kubernetes

Certificate Transparency

Starting April 28, 2018,  AWS will start to support Certificate Transparency. I am new to this, here are somethings that I learned so far. What exactly is certificate transparency? Certificate Transparency framework is a project that is initially launched by Google. What problems does certificate transparency solve? It is designed to solved some flaws in the … Continue reading Certificate Transparency