Use AWS EFS for Kubernetes

Before introducing how to use AWS EFS for Kubernetes, let me recap some terms of Persistent Volumes. PV (Persistent Volume): PV is a piece of storage, it can be NFS, iSCSI, EBS, EFS... The purpose of having PV is to decouple the storage from pod's lifecycle. PVC (Persistent Volume Claim): PVC provides the method for … Continue reading Use AWS EFS for Kubernetes


Understanding Ingress in Kubernetes

Simply speaking ingress is a collection of routing rules, and ingress controller is the component that implements those rules in Kubernetes cluster. It is not available in any Kubernetes releases prior to 1.1. I guess it is the reason that why OpenShift developed Router. This is a not so nice diagram, but I think it … Continue reading Understanding Ingress in Kubernetes

Certificate Transparency

Starting April 28, 2018,  AWS will start to support Certificate Transparency. I am new to this, here are somethings that I learned so far. What exactly is certificate transparency? Certificate Transparency framework is a project that is initially launched by Google. What problems does certificate transparency solve? It is designed to solved some flaws in the … Continue reading Certificate Transparency