Ubuntu Smartphone

As an Ubuntu lover, I am  so excited to see the arrival of Ubuntu for Phone.


Test Lync Mobility Service Without Internet and WLAN

In my sandbox environment, there are no Internet connection or wireless LAN. I thought I won’t be able to test the Lync Mobility service (How to deploy Lync Mobility Serivce) until I found ‘Virtual Router Manager’. It turns my laptop into a Ad-hoc for my iPhone to access the sandbox environment. It is really awesome!! … Continue reading Test Lync Mobility Service Without Internet and WLAN


Snaptu is a wonderful mobile app that I installed recently. It integrates most frequently used social network apps (Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter), Email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) and News media into one location. And it is said Snaptu is the fastest facebook mobile application so far.

Mail for Exchange on E72

Many smartphones naturely support Exchange AtiveSync, it includes iPhone, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. In my office, we enabled the ActiveSync on Exchange 2010, and the users who have smartphone can send/receive mails in anywhere at anytime. My phone is Nokia E72 (S60 V3).  The setup process is pretty straightforward: 1) Go to ‘Menu – … Continue reading Mail for Exchange on E72