Jira sprint query sample

Just remember to add 'includeFutureSprints=true' if you need to find out the future Sprint. By default, it is only up to current Active sprint. Here is a nodejs sample: https://gist.github.com/jc1518/8c0605f9620b976d6ceede659d5b280c

Use includeArchivedSpaces parameter in CQL

By default the archived Confluence space won't be listed the search results in the Confluence UI. This also applies to CQL. If you want to include the archived space in your CQL query result, then you need to add includeArchivedSpaces=true in your CQL query. For example, I want to find out all Confluence spaces (including … Continue reading Use includeArchivedSpaces parameter in CQL

Automatically Update Jira Custom Field Content

I recently worked on a Jira Service Desk automation project. One of the requirements is to allow user to choose either Jira project or Confluence space from a dropdown list. This is how the custom field of 'Jira Project Picker' looks like. BTW, I have confirmed that Jira (7.12.3 ) system field project field could … Continue reading Automatically Update Jira Custom Field Content

Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part Two

Continue with Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part One, in this article I will explain a bit deeper how the Bot works which is most interesting part I think. First of all, you need to have a Bot that is hooked to your Slack. I wrote my own Bot based on Hubot (Nodejs Express Framework). When … Continue reading Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part Two