Bamboo Builds Report

Want to get insights of your Bamboo builds? Here is a script that I wrote to generate the report in spreadsheet. This is how it looks like:


AWS One Page Advisor

If you are interested to have a high level overview of all your AWS accounts status (security, cost, performance, limits and fault tolerance), then it might be worth checking out my new tool AWS One Page Advisor . It is can aggregate the results of trusted advisor checks across multiple AWS accounts into one html page. Here … Continue reading AWS One Page Advisor

CrowdLess – Make Crowd less crowded

Crowd is Atlassian centralized identity management tool. Since Crowd 2.7, the Active Directory Connector is able to sync the disabled flag from Active Directory to Crowd. But if you are using older version or other connectors (e.g Delegated Authentication Directory), then you may run into the issue that users are disabled in Active Directory are … Continue reading CrowdLess – Make Crowd less crowded