Attach an IAM role to your existing Amazon EC2 instance

It was painful that you are unable to change the instance profile for existing EC2 instance. A good news is that you CAN now via AWS CLI!! Here is a step by step example.


Double SSH Hops example

Client -ssh only--> Jumpbox00 -ssh only--> Jumpbox01 --http only-> Internal network Here is how to ssh to jumpbox01, and visit websites in internal networks from Client. 1) Ensure you have a private key that is trusted by both jumpbox00 and jumpbox01. For example, jb.pem under ~/.ssh/, then run the following command: ssh-add ~/.ssh/jb.pem  2) Add the following … Continue reading Double SSH Hops example

keyWatcher scan exposed AWS key

AWS Trusted Advisor recently added a new check 'Exposed Access Key' in Security category. This to checks popular code repositories for access keys that have been exposed to the public and for irregular Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) usage that could be the result of a compromised access key. By default Trusted Advisor run … Continue reading keyWatcher scan exposed AWS key

Akamai add basic auth to incoming request

In some cases, Akamai may need to add auth basic to incoming request before sending it to the origin. Here is how to: 1) encode the username and password in the format of username:password. It can be done either via bash script or the online tool. # echo -n username:password | base64 dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ= 2) Add a behavior … Continue reading Akamai add basic auth to incoming request