BitLocker on Windows 10

Three quick commands to turn on/off and check BitLocker on Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise. You have to run the following commands in an Administrative terminal. To turn on BitLokcer against volume C:  manage-bde -on C: -RecoveryPassword -skiphardwaretest -UsedSpaceOnly To turn off BitLocker against volume C:  manage-bde -off C: To check BitLocker against volume C:  … Continue reading BitLocker on Windows 10


Enable Fingerprint login on Windows 10

It took me some time to get this one work, here are a couple of gotchas I learned. If the Fingerprint option is greyed out with a note '*Some settings are hidden or managed by your organization'. The fix is to update the registry key - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System] "AllowDomainPINLogon"=dword:00000001  If the fingerprint sensor is not responding during … Continue reading Enable Fingerprint login on Windows 10

Certificate Transparency

Starting April 28, 2018,  AWS will start to support Certificate Transparency. I am new to this, here are somethings that I learned so far. What exactly is certificate transparency? Certificate Transparency framework is a project that is initially launched by Google. What problems does certificate transparency solve? It is designed to solved some flaws in the … Continue reading Certificate Transparency