Certificate Transparency

Starting April 28, 2018,  AWS will start to support Certificate Transparency. I am new to this, here are somethings that I learned so far. What exactly is certificate transparency? Certificate Transparency framework is a project that is initially launched by Google. What problems does certificate transparency solve? It is designed to solved some flaws in the … Continue reading Certificate Transparency


AWS GuardDuty Manager

As mentioned in my previous blog New to AWS GuardDuty? I have been working on open sourcing the tool that I wrote for internal use. Now it is public available on my GitHub: AWS GuardDuty Manager Description AWS GuardDuty Manager (GDM) is a tool that allows you to perform some common GuardDuty tasks (start, stop and … Continue reading AWS GuardDuty Manager

Redis CPU Usage Ramps Up after Kernel Patching

I guess you have heard the name of Meltdown and Spectre already. If not, check out this site https://meltdownattack.com/. Definitely, it is not a good start of a New Year. All Cloud providers are busy with patching the kernel of their underlying systems. AWS Elastic cache (Redis) is one of them. Due to its single threaded nature, … Continue reading Redis CPU Usage Ramps Up after Kernel Patching