HTTP Code 499

Http status code 499 is a non-standard status code introduced by nginx for the case when a client closes the connection while nginx is processing the request. I just encountered the 499 code in the nginx log a couple days ago. The reason of that is I wrote a Ajax to make a API call to the … Continue reading HTTP Code 499


Confluence Space Key Check Page

We have a request type in Jira service desk that allows user to request a new Confluence Space. To let the user find a available Space key, I created a Confluence page (with some javascript codes) where user can type their preferred key and check whether it has been used. This is how it looks … Continue reading Confluence Space Key Check Page

Updated AWS Well-Architected Framework

AWS recently released the new version of AWS Well-Architected Framework, I just had a quick look. The biggest change to me is that the Architecture design principles (they call it pillars of the framework) have increased from 4 to 5. Now the 5 pillars of the framework are: Operational Excellence Security Reliability Performance Efficiency Cost … Continue reading Updated AWS Well-Architected Framework

Error response from daemon: error unmarshalling content: unexpected end of JSON input

It happened the other day that one user reported that he was unable to pull a docker image from an internal registry. So I tried from my laptop, it looked fine at the first beginning. There were a few downloading processed going on, but it threw the error unknown blob at the end. So I tried … Continue reading Error response from daemon: error unmarshalling content: unexpected end of JSON input

Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part One

I have been recently working on improving our performance monitoring against Jira and Confluence. And here I want to share a few things that I learned, and hope they are useful to you as well. In high level, we have done: Setup both black box monitoring (CPU, memory, IO, Error log ...) and white box … Continue reading Jira and Confluence Performance Monitoring Part One

Oracle Client / Server Interoperability Support Matrix

When upgrading Jira to a newer version, I am not sure if the new Oracle JDBC driver works with our Oracle server release So by asking Google, I found it is. Here is the interoperability support matrix: References:

Confluence: Rebuilding the Ancestor Table

Occasionally, the ancestor table corrupts in Confluence. The consequence of that is users will lose access to the child pages under their spaces. It happened once after we upgraded our Confluence server. Not sure if the upgrade caused that, or just a coincidence. To confirm if you have corrupted ancestor table, run the the following … Continue reading Confluence: Rebuilding the Ancestor Table