SSSD can not find some users in AD

We use SSSD to integrate RHEL7 into our Active Directory infrastructure for authentication. All users in the sys admins group can login with their AD credentials except one. It took me a few weeks to troubleshoot. On hand, I checked the sssd log and I can see the Linux server can find the user in … Continue reading SSSD can not find some users in AD

Block password policy in AD LDS

By default, the AD LDS inherits the password policy from the AD domain. In some scenarios, you may want to block it. Here are two ways to do it:1) Use ADSI Edit tool, and navigate to the 'CN=Directory Service, CN=Windows NT, CN=Services, CN=Configuration, CN={guid}' set 'ADAMDisablePasswordPolicies=1' in the Attributes.2) dsmgmt commanddsmgmt "Configurable Settings" Connections "connect … Continue reading Block password policy in AD LDS

A Post File Cluster Migration Issue

We migrated several file service resources from Windows 2008 R2 cluster A to B. Everything was fine until last week. Couple error messages were logged in the event viewer. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering Date: Date_Time Event ID: 1207 Task Category: Network Name Resource Level: Error Keywords: User: SYSTEM Computer: Description: Cluster network name … Continue reading A Post File Cluster Migration Issue

PowerShell: Generating AD Accounts Status Report

When I worked as a Windows system administrator, reviewing the Active Directory domain accounts is part of my routine work. We did not have a tool that can automatically generate a account report. So I wrote a PowerShell script to do the work. The script will generate a report in .csv format, which contains the … Continue reading PowerShell: Generating AD Accounts Status Report

Batch Script: Windows AD Migration

I worked on a Windows domain migration project several months ago. The P company acquired the B company, and request to migrate all former B company’s employees’ desktops and laptops to P company’s AD domain. Firstly, I created all new AD accounts for B company’s employees in P company’s AD. Then I wrote the following … Continue reading Batch Script: Windows AD Migration