Bots Club

Are you using Slack? If yes, are you using Bot on Slack? If yes, do your Bots talk to each other? I guess most of them probably don't. The following picture should be familiar to you, people talk to each other on Slack. Have you ever seenĀ Bots talk to each other like we do? This … Continue reading Bots Club


Autosam Release

Autosam is a project that I created to automate the Akamai Cloudlets Edge Redirect from end to end, including add new rules, remove duplicated rules if there are any, push to staging, test in staging, push to production, test in production. Now it is available for download from my Github repo. Enjoy Autosam šŸ™‚

Check osad service status in Satellite

RedHat Satellite server allows user to push the updates or run the command remotely in a 'real time' manner. The backend services for this feature are osa-dispatcher, jabberd and osad. osa-dispatcher periodically check the database to see if any clients have actions they need to perform. If there are, it sends the messages through jabberd … Continue reading Check osad service status in Satellite

Apache mod_rewrite URL redirect script

I wrote a bash script to automate the Apache (mod_rewrite) URL redirection. It supports 3 types of redirection: - One to One: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/mylab To - Any to One: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/* To - Any to Any: eg. From http://jackiechen.local/$1 to$1 The script can be downloaded from here Note: I tested … Continue reading Apache mod_rewrite URL redirect script