Bamboo Builds Report

Want to get insights of your Bamboo builds? Here is a script that I wrote to generate the report in spreadsheet. This is how it looks like:


CICD on OpenShift Part Two

Continue with part one, I will show you the details of the CICD scripts and also the Bamboo plan. Lets start with the CICD scripts, it can be found in my OpenShift-CICD repository on GitHub. The key parts are two OpenShift configuration files: build.yaml and deploy.yaml. The script is to make a copy from the template … Continue reading CICD on OpenShift Part Two

Bamboo plan for AWS build part 4

Swap URL: This is for blue/green deployment. The idea is to update the floating DNS to point to different stack's ELB CNAME. It allows us to easily divert the traffics to different backend stack, but keep it transparent to users. Cloudformation snippet "Resources": { "Route53DNSRecord": { "Properties": { "Comment": "Floating DNS Record", "HostedZoneName": { "Fn::Join": … Continue reading Bamboo plan for AWS build part 4

Bamboo plan for AWS build part 3

Continue with the Bamboo plan for AWS build, now it is time to look into the deployment plan. For each environment, I got 4 sub plans: Create Stack, Deploy Config, Swap URL and Delete Stack. Create Stack: As explained in the part 1, Stack means the infrastructure. e.g A Nginx stack has those components: ELB, Autoscaling … Continue reading Bamboo plan for AWS build part 3