Autosam Release

Autosam is a project that I created to automate the Akamai Cloudlets Edge Redirect from end to end, including add new rules, remove duplicated rules if there are any, push to staging, test in staging, push to production, test in production. Now it is available for download from my Github repo. Enjoy Autosam 🙂


Install Evernote and Gdrive client in Ubuntu

Evernote and GDrive are my two favourite Cloud tools. Unfortunately, either of them currently has the official client. But there are a couple unofficial clients which work well in Ubunu. Nevernote and Everpad are for Evernote, Grive and Insync are for GDrive. Personally, I prefer Nevernote and Grive.How to install Nevernote in Ubuntu:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:vincent-c/nevernotesudo apt-get … Continue reading Install Evernote and Gdrive client in Ubuntu