CICD on OpenShift Part One

I have successfully migrated 'Dilbert' from EC2 instance to OpenShift. Dilbert is an automation bot that we use to offload some daily operations. In this article, I will show you how it works. In the Dilbert project, I have one build configuration.  For each version, I only build once. This to ensure only one binary … Continue reading CICD on OpenShift Part One


Simple version of CICD Workflow

Above is my simple version of CICD workflow that I use as a guidance in day to day work. A bit explanations on how to use it. The workflow has six stages and seven scenarios. Six Stages: Commit Change: When user commit changes to code repository. Build Binary: When CI server builds the binary to … Continue reading Simple version of CICD Workflow

Huggies – AWS Elastic Beanstalk Automation Tool

Huggies is a side project that I started when working for the NAPI team which pronounced as ['næpɪ], and that is why I named it as Huggies 😉 The team's environments are mostly on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. In general, Elastic Beanstalk is a good tool as it abstracts the complexicity of managing Elastic Load Balancer, … Continue reading Huggies – AWS Elastic Beanstalk Automation Tool

Code smartly to avoid exceed AWS request rate

Have your http calls ever been throttled by AWS? If not, congratulations! And if you are curious about what it looks like, here you go: Below is what AWS says about the EC2 request rate limits. The same principal applies to other AWS services, e.g Autoscaling group, in which I encountered the rate exceeded problem. … Continue reading Code smartly to avoid exceed AWS request rate