be2net 4.1.334.0 on IBM HX5

While doing the health check, we found that the 10G NIC on one IBM HX5 ESXi host is hardcoded as ‘10000 Mb, Full Duplex’. And there is no  ‘Auto negotiate’ in the dropdown list when I tried to change it to auto-negotiation. I compared the Emulex driver to other host’s which can be set as … Continue reading be2net 4.1.334.0 on IBM HX5

Inconsistent ESXi vmnic Numbering on HX5

I am currently working on a virtualization project – deploying vSphere 5.0 on IBM H Chassis /w HX5 Blades. Each ESXi host is built on the HX5 scalable complex which stacks two physical HX5 Blade servers. The expected vmnic numbering should be: vmnic 0, 1, 18, 19 are 1G Broadcom Ethernet; vmnic 2, 3, 4, … Continue reading Inconsistent ESXi vmnic Numbering on HX5