Troubleshoot high CPU usage java process

This is a real troubleshooting example that I just did yesterday for a high CPU usage java application. The application uses tomcat and runs on AWS EC2. Login into the box, and change to root user so you can see all users' process. sudo su - Install htop if you have not installed it before, the run it. … Continue reading Troubleshoot high CPU usage java process

Check DNS Cache when deploy Multi-AZ RDS

It is a common practice to enable mutli-AZ when deploy RDS in AWS to provide high availability. That's not all. There is one more thing you need to check - DNS cache setting of your applications/codes. If you overlook it, the hight availability design may not work as you expect. Imagine that when RDS detects the failure … Continue reading Check DNS Cache when deploy Multi-AZ RDS

Run jnlp file in Linux

jnlp (java network launching protocal) is the Java Web Start file (also known as javaws). Many hardware devices' (switch,router, servers...) remote control utility uses this technology. For example Brocade fiber switch management page, Cisco ADSM, IBM X3650 IMM.remote control. When you visit the management page via Chrome or Firefox in Linux. The jnlp file will … Continue reading Run jnlp file in Linux