Troubleshoot high CPU usage java process

This is a real troubleshooting example that I just did yesterday for a high CPU usage java application. The application uses tomcat and runs on AWS EC2. Login into the box, and change to root user so you can see all users' process. sudo su - Install htop if you have not installed it before, the run it. … Continue reading Troubleshoot high CPU usage java process


Puppet cron job configuration

In my lab, I want everything to be controlled by puppet. So I use puppet to set up the cron job that I mentioned in step 3) in the post Integrate puppet to foreman.# Push puppet node facts to foreman*/10 * * * * /etc/puppet/push_facts.rbThe manifest can be found here as well.class sys_cron::push_facts {cron { puppet_push_facts: … Continue reading Puppet cron job configuration