Puppet cron job configuration

In my lab, I want everything to be controlled by puppet. So I use puppet to set up the cron job that I mentioned in step 3) in the post Integrate puppet to foreman.# Push puppet node facts to foreman*/10 * * * * /etc/puppet/push_facts.rbThe manifest can be found here as well.class sys_cron::push_facts {cron { puppet_push_facts: … Continue reading Puppet cron job configuration


Missing NIC in cloned VirtualBox VM

If you ever encounter similar error 'Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization' in the cloned VirtualBox VM, the fix is to remove this file (/etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules) and reboot the VM. The reason is that the new cloned VM generates new MAC addresses which do not match the previous ones that have been recorded … Continue reading Missing NIC in cloned VirtualBox VM

Setup LDAP authentication in CentOS (openldap+sssd)

1) Install openldap server in CentOS 6.5 yum install -y openldap* 2) Copy the sample slapd.conf configuration cp /usr/share/openldap-servers/slapd.conf.obsolete /etc/openldap/slapd.conf 3) Generate encrypted password for later use slappasswd 4) Modify /etc/openldap/slapd.conf, use the encrypted password created in above step. #TLSCACertificatePath /etc/openldap/certs #TLSCertificateFile "\"OpenLDAP Server\"" #TLSCertificateKeyFile /etc/openldap/certs/password database monitor access to * by dn.exact="gidNumber=0+uidNumber=0,cn=peercred,cn=external,cn=auth" read by … Continue reading Setup LDAP authentication in CentOS (openldap+sssd)