Lync-Skype Integration

Microsoft has announced that Lync and Skype users now are able connect to each other from across the different platform. By taking a quick look, a few things that I think need to be noticed. The Lync-Skype Connectivity needs to be installed. You need to use the Microsoft live ID to login Skype. The Lync … Continue reading Lync-Skype Integration

Connect Lync in Pidgin

I finally made Lync work in Ubuntu. Here is the steps:1) Install the SIPE plugin - 'sudo apt-get install pidgin-sipe'.2) Run 'NSS_SSL_CBC_RANDOM_IiV=0 pidgin &'.3) Add the Lync account, then enable it.

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Cmdlet Descriptions

What follows is an alphabetical list of the 530-plus cmdlets that appear in Microsoft Lync Server 2010. Each cmdlet includes a brief description extracted from the Lync Server PowerShell help file. The full help for each cmdlet can be found by clicking on the appropriate link. Approve-CsDeviceUpdateRule Approves a device update rule that has been … Continue reading Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Cmdlet Descriptions

Lync Integration With Exchange/Outlook from Another Domain

I have built up the Lync infrastructure in my sandbox environment, now I want to integrate it with my existing Exchange/Outlook in the production environment. The integration means: presence, online meeting, sharing of the calendar info between Exchange/Outlook and Lync. It turns out to be pretty easy, just simply make the two accounts have the … Continue reading Lync Integration With Exchange/Outlook from Another Domain

Test Lync Mobility Service Without Internet and WLAN

In my sandbox environment, there are no Internet connection or wireless LAN. I thought I won’t be able to test the Lync Mobility service (How to deploy Lync Mobility Serivce) until I found ‘Virtual Router Manager’. It turns my laptop into a Ad-hoc for my iPhone to access the sandbox environment. It is really awesome!! … Continue reading Test Lync Mobility Service Without Internet and WLAN

Certificate Request Tool – DigiCertUtil.exe

I found this great CSR (Certificate Signing Request) tool named DigiCertUtil.exe in Jeff Schertz’s blog. It is a portable execution file, which means you don’t need to install it in your server. With this tool, I was able to simply generate the CSR file for both my Lync Edge server’s external and internal NIC. The … Continue reading Certificate Request Tool – DigiCertUtil.exe