Force to Use Lync Web App

If you click the online meeting URL on a machine that already has Lync 2010 client installed, it will launch the Lync client as default. I tested it both in FireFox and IE, and they are all the same. If you want to force it to use Lync Web App, what you need to is … Continue reading Force to Use Lync Web App

Lync 2010 Server Roles

Based on the functionality provided by the servers, each Lync server runs one or more roles. Front End Server User authentication and registration Presence information and contact card exchange Address book services and distribution list expansion IM functionality, including multiparty IM conferences Web conferencing and application sharing (if deployed) Application hosting services, for both applications … Continue reading Lync 2010 Server Roles

Configure Lync Client in Non-domain Computers

I set up a Lync server in my lab domain sandbox.local. To test it from my working laptop which is in another domain, I need to do the following steps: 1) Download the CA certificate chain from the sandbox.local CA server, and add it as your local laptop ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’. It can be … Continue reading Configure Lync Client in Non-domain Computers