OpenShift V3 Persistent Storage Nagios Plugin

By the time of writing, OpenShift V3 comes with poor monitoring capabilities. The build-in monitoring only checks the metrics of Memory/CPU/Network, and it does not even support alerting! And the lowest granular level only down to last hour. So you have to build your own monitoring if you want to keep close eyes on your … Continue reading OpenShift V3 Persistent Storage Nagios Plugin

Puppet push Nagios

With the storeconfigs enabled, I am able to push Naigos via Puppet. It is really simple and straighforward, as Puppet already supportĀ nagios_* type. How it works? Below is my sample codes. It can be downloaded from here. sys_nagios::client is the class for Nagios client, it sends the hosts' facts to Puppet master then the data … Continue reading Puppet push Nagios

Check ESX Plugin for Nagios

Check ESX is a plugin developed by op5 to primarily be used with op5 Monitor, but can also be used in Nagios installations, to monitor VMware ESX and vSphere servers. You can monitor either a single ESX(i)/vSphere server or a VMware VirtualCenter/vCenter Server and individual virtual machines. If you have a VMware cluster you should … Continue reading Check ESX Plugin for Nagios

Nagios: Synthetic Transaction

What is synthetic transaction? Simply speaking, it is a way to check the availability of an application across network. By definition, a synthetic transaction continues an automated, self-contained set of user operations that can be excuted against a service in the same way of a real cosumer of the service operates an application. For example, … Continue reading Nagios: Synthetic Transaction

Nagios XI: A restriction

One of the disadvantages of using Nagios XI is that it does not allow you directly modify the configuration file, like /usr/local/nagios/etc/services/*.cfg, /usr/local/nagios/etc/hosts/*.cfg. Well, let me make it more accurate. I should say that you are able to directly modify the configuration files, but your modifications will be overwritten by NagiosQL when you configured something … Continue reading Nagios XI: A restriction