Check osad service status in Satellite

RedHat Satellite server allows user to push the updates or run the command remotely in a 'real time' manner. The backend services for this feature are osa-dispatcher, jabberd and osad. osa-dispatcher periodically check the database to see if any clients have actions they need to perform. If there are, it sends the messages through jabberd … Continue reading Check osad service status in Satellite

Spacewalk Installation Step by Step

To evaluate Spacewalk, I have installed it in my lab. Spacewalk Server: RHEL01 (RHEL5.5/ 1vCPU/ 2G vRAM/ 20G vHDD) Spacewalk Client:  RHEL02 (RHEL5.5/ 1vCPU/ 1G vRAM/ 8G vHDD) Install Spacewalk Server 1) Install the Spacewalk Server yum repo rpm -Uvh 2) Install EPEL yum repo rpm -Uvh 3) Install Spacewalk server and its dependencies yum … Continue reading Spacewalk Installation Step by Step