Three types of CA Validation Certificate

Domain Validation (DV): This is a lower level of validation. The CA validates that you have control of the domain. A DV certificate expires in 90 days. Organization Validation (OV): A higher level of validation. The CA validates whether or not the company is valid, if it is registered, and if the business contact legitimately … Continue reading Three types of CA Validation Certificate


Enable HSTS in Akamai

What is HSTS? It stands for HTTP Strict Transport Security. Simply speaking, HSTS is a method that allows the browser to do http to https redirect. Why use HSTS? Security! As explained above, the http traffics only stay inside the machine, so it reduces the risk of exposing sensitive information in plain text to the Internet. … Continue reading Enable HSTS in Akamai

Double SSH Hops example

Client -ssh only--> Jumpbox00 -ssh only--> Jumpbox01 --http only-> Internal network Here is how to ssh to jumpbox01, and visit websites in internal networks from Client. 1) Ensure you have a private key that is trusted by both jumpbox00 and jumpbox01. For example, jb.pem under ~/.ssh/, then run the following command: ssh-add ~/.ssh/jb.pem  2) Add the following … Continue reading Double SSH Hops example