svcmon web gui version 1.1

Continue with my previous svcmon web guiĀ post, I added a small feature to allow users to retrieve the history data in the past X days. Now it looks this: The source codes have been updated and can be downloaded from here:

svcmon web gui

If you have ever used svcmon that you should find that it is not convenient to check the report. Basically, you have to go to the folder to view the graph one by one. What if you want to view the history graphs of same vidsk or mdisk? It should be easy to present on … Continue reading svcmon web gui

Install IBM V7000 Storage Management Pack in SCOM

1) Create a AD group (e.g IBM_V7000_Monitor) and add the SCOM service account in. Then link the AD group in the V7000 remote LDAP access.2) Download the IBM Storage MP from IBM fix central then install it on the SCOM server. Choose custom installation to remove the unnecessary components. In my case, I only install … Continue reading Install IBM V7000 Storage Management Pack in SCOM