vCO: Virtual Machine Inventory

I used to use PowerCLI to generate the VM inventory report, now I make it available in vCO as well. The scripts defined in the ‘VM Inventory’ script block. var vms = VcPlugin.getAllVirtualMachines();var Name, Status, Power, OS, IP, CpuCore, RAM, ToolVer, Des, Log, Log1;var Num = 0, NumOn = 0, NumOff = 0; content = … Continue reading vCO: Virtual Machine Inventory

vCO: Find VM name based on UUID

My colleague asked me can I find out the VM name based on its UUID. I helped him by running a PowerCLI command: Get-VM | Foreach ($_) {If ((Get-View $ -eq "422041b7-8ccd-xxxx-xxxx-2770502e404a") {Write-host $}} I was thinking why not build up a vCO workflow so they can help themselves in the future in case they … Continue reading vCO: Find VM name based on UUID

vCO: List Virtual Machines with Snapshots

As a VMware administrator, making the VM snapshots under control is one of the critical tasks. I wrote up a ‘List all VM with snapshot’ workflow which generate a report showing the virtual machines that have snapshots. The key is in the scriptable task: vmWithSnapshots = new Array(); var vms = VcPlugin.getAllVirtualMachines(); var logtext; for(i … Continue reading vCO: List Virtual Machines with Snapshots

vCO: Find out orphaned virtual machines workflow

vCO comes with many useful workflows. ‘Find orphaned virtual machines’ is a good example. It is designed for preventing the VM sprawl by finding out the orphaned virtual machines. The workflow works fine without any customizations, but I prefer to make it simpler. So I made a copy of this workflow, and named it as … Continue reading vCO: Find out orphaned virtual machines workflow

vCO: Virtual Machine Backup/Archive Workflow

The purpose of having this workflow is to allow the user to backup or archive the virtual machine by themselves. In my example, I use TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) as the backup/archive solution. This is a really simple workflow. The key step is to run TSM Virtual Machine backup from command line then send the … Continue reading vCO: Virtual Machine Backup/Archive Workflow