Run 32 bits fortinet SSL VPN in 64 bits Linux (Fedora 20)

I am using Fedora 20 64bits on my new Ultrabook. Here is how I set up the Fortinet SSL VPN 32 bits client: 1) Download the tar ball file, 2) Extract it [jchen@latte software]$ tar xvzf forticlientsslvpn_linux_4.0.2254.tar.gz forticlientsslvpn/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/config forticlientsslvpn/helper/subproc forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslcacert.pem forticlientsslvpn/helper/License.txt forticlientsslvpn/helper/linux.rtbackup forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslclient.crt forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/helper/fortisslclient.key forticlientsslvpn/helper/ forticlientsslvpn/forticlientsslvpn 3) As you can … Continue reading Run 32 bits fortinet SSL VPN in 64 bits Linux (Fedora 20)


MTU May Impact VPN Connection Performance

Have you ever experienced that the site2site VPN connection performance is poor despite the Internet connection between the two sides is good and both equipment works properly? I met this situation once. And it turned out to be caused by the settings of MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit). The default MTU of Ethernet is 1,500 Bytes. … Continue reading MTU May Impact VPN Connection Performance