Monitor bandwidth utilization in WUG

Another good Jscript for Whats Up Gold. Customize the nMaxUtilizationPercentage based on your situation. For instance, the ISP provides my client 10Mbps WAN connection, and my client firewall’s outside interface is 100Mbps. So if I want a alarm to be trigger when the bandwidth utilization higher than 90% (9Mbps), I need to change the nMaxUtilizationPercentage … Continue reading Monitor bandwidth utilization in WUG

Monitor Ping value in WUG

‘Whats Up Gold’ is one of my favorite monitoring tools. A big reason is that it allows me to create my own monitoring items. One typical example is to monitor the ping round trip time to make sure the ISP service meets their SLA.  I found the following Jscript somewhere in the Whatsup forum. And … Continue reading Monitor Ping value in WUG