Bypass WordPress Admin in Akamai

We use mini orange SAML plugin for ¬†wordpress SSO. I noticed it for many times that another user's name is showing in the dashboard ribbon after I logged in. It changes to my name after I click the 'Edit my profile'. So I guess it could be Akamai caching related. I have added the following … Continue reading Bypass WordPress Admin in Akamai

Install WordPress on CentOS 6.3

Steps of installing WordPress on CentOS 6.3 minimal installation. 1) Install prerequisite packages. [root@CentOS ~]# yum -y install php php-mysql mysql* wget unzip 2) Download the latest version of WordPress. [root@CentOS ~]# wget [root@CentOS ~]# unzip [root@CentOS ~]# mv wordpress/ /var/www/html/ 3) Configure mysql database server. [root@CentOS ~]# service mysqld start [root@CentOS ~]# … Continue reading Install WordPress on CentOS 6.3