Ten Printing Rules With Citrix XenApp

Since Presentation Server 4.0 (CPS 4.0) use the Citrix Universal Printer Driver based on EMF for client printers, especially with Windows Clients.User Policy\ICA\Printing\Universal Printing = Use universal printing only Presentation Server 4.0 Printing Enhancementshttp://support.citrix.com/article/CTX108170 Client network printer (network printer connected to the client) should also be mapped by EMF and the print output should go … Continue reading Ten Printing Rules With Citrix XenApp


333 Error on Citrix Servers

Spent couple weeks monitoring and researching, now I can draw a conclusion of the root cause of 333 error in the Citrix/ Terminal Servers. Simply speaking, it is caused by that the servers run out of resources on the 32 bits Windows server due to the limits of paged pool size (650M) and non-paged pool … Continue reading 333 Error on Citrix Servers