Monitor IBM BladeCenter system status in Xymon

Similar to the IBM StorWize V7000 SAN Xymon monitoring script, I wrote another script to monitor the IBM BladeCenter system status. The script can be downloaded from here.

Monitor V7000 active alerts in Xymon

Continue with my previous post on installing the Xymon, you can write your own monitor scripts. I wrote a script named v7000alerts to check whether there are active alerts in my IBM StorWize V7000. 1) Download the script v7000alerts to¬†/home/xymon/server/ext, and run 'chmod a+x v7000alerts' and 'chown xymon:xymon v7000alerts'. 2) Add the following into /home/xymon/server/etc/tasks.cfg … Continue reading Monitor V7000 active alerts in Xymon